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notes on delivery

On the morning of your scheduled delivery, we will text or call the recipient to notify of the delivery. the recipient will receive another notification when their Order is in route and also when it has been delivered. if the recipient is not answering the door or phone at the time of delivery, the items will be left at the front desk or front door. Sweet J’s is not responsible for items that are lost or stolen once delivered to the given address. Sweet J’s is also not responsible for items that are left outside. Order contents are perishable and it is important that the recipient is available at the time of delivery. all deliveries take place between 8AM- 8PM, we will do our best to accommodate. 

Sweet J’s guarantees delivery only to the address you specify when ordering, not to the recipient. we are not responsible when given incorrect addresses or recipient information. (for ex: company has moved; recipient is on vacation, etc.) although we will make every effort to correct any error we find prior to the actual delivery, we cannot be responsible for the order once it has been delivered to the address specified. therefore, please make sure that you have correct delivery information when ordering, as we cannot credit you back for these orders once they are made.

Weather, traffic, construction, and other uncontrollable events can affect the timing of your delivery. please be aware that the time window you receive is simply an estimation of when we will be able to arrive, and not a guarantee of an exact delivery time.

If you have a delivery outside of our radius, reach out to us directly via email (sweetjsbakes@gmail.com).

delivery radius + rates

Below you will find a rough estimate of the delivery rates. These rates are automatically calculated based on the delivery address that you provide. If the address you inputed does not match the actual delivery address, we have the right to add additional charges for delivery.

3 Mile Radius: $5.00
10 Mile Radius: $15.00
15 Mile Radius: $25.00
20 Mile Radius: $45.00

(for pies)